Frequently asked questions.

Does it have live GPS tracking?

Yes it does. However, you can also use manual tracking based on routes. Both provide a simple way to monitor your child’s trip in real-time.

Which kind of hardware is required to implement?

It depends with the option you go with.  It can range from a simple NFC enabled phone to a custom hardware based devices.

Can someone upgrade their plan?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime and billing will also take effect immediately.

Does the system send alerts before the bus arrives at the next station?

The system sends automatic alerts before the next stop. This is based on the configurations you choose as the client.

How many users does the system support?

The system supports an unlimited number of users and students. Basically, there is no limitation regardless of the plan you choose.

How can new users get started?
New users or parents must call the school transport manager for their phone number to be added to the system to allow sign up.
Do you charge parents for using the app?

No, the app is free for all parents who have signed up for transport system with the school

What are the student tags for?

The tags are unique identifiers for every student. They contain respective student information i.e. Student name and student admission Number. Tags are used for student onboarding, drop-off and check-in / check-out.

Are the tags traceable by GPRS?
The tags are not trackable by GPS / GPRS

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