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How can new users get started?

New users or parents must call the school transport manager for their phone number to be added to the system to allow sign up

How can I update the app?

Just like all the other apps on your phone, your phone will notify you when an update is available. Once connected to a Wi-Fi your phone will automatically update. You can also initiate the update on Google Play Store when available 

Where can I download the app?

The app is available for download on play store. Please click on the link to download on Android Play Store

Is the app available for iOS / iphone?

No, we currently support Android users only

Which android version do you currently support?

We support Android version 5.0 going up

How can I reset my password?

Simply enter your phone number during sign up and you will receive your one-time password which you will use for login

Do you charge parents for using the app?

No the app is free for all parents who have signed up for transport system with the school

What are the student tags for?

The tags are unique identifiers for every student. They contain respective student information i.e. Student name and student admission Number. Tags are used for student onboarding, drop-off and check-in / check-out.

Are the tags traceable by GPRS?

The tags are not trackable by GPS / GPRS

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