Simple & Transparent Pricing

The pricing is modularized so that so you can only pick what you need.

Premium Add-on features

Get premium in-depth visibility of your transport assets on the go with Bunifu Go telematics.


Fuel monitoring

With installed hardware sensors, you get full visibility through our system dashboard on fuel levels, fuel fills and fuel drains.


Behaviour monitoring

Monitor the driver’s activities on the road such as braking, acceleration, stops and so on. 


Asset zoning & tracking

Get live updates of your asset location and enforce predefined zones they are to operate in.

Dedicated Support

To ensure comfort and client satisfaction, we offer the following support options:

  • Manned telephone support
  • Monitored email support
  • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop
  • Planned or emergency onsite assistance as may be required (terms and conditions may apply)

8PM – 5PM Daily


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have live GPS tracking?

Yes it does. However, you can also use manual tracking based on routes. Both provide a simple way to monitor your child’s trip in real-time.

Which kind of hardware is required to implement?

It depends with the option you go with.  It can range from a simple NFC enabled phone to a custom hardware based devices.

Can someone upgrade their plan?

Yes you can upgrade anytime and billing will also take effect immediately.

Does the system send alerts before the bus arrives at the next station?

The system sends automatic alerts before the next stop. This is based on the configurations you choose as the client.

How many users does the system support?

The system supports an unlimited number of users and students. Basically, there is no limitation regardless of the plan you choose.

“Parents are happy with Bunifu Go since the platform provides confirmation on child safety and whereabouts on their way to school. It has also equipped them to better plan on when to pick their kids from the designated drop off points in the evening”

Mrs. Rachael Ruheni

Teacher, Kagaki School, Nakuru County, Kenya

“Overally, we are happy with Bunifu Go school transport and the attendance system as it has streamlined our school transport and attendance”

Mr. James Kimanthi

Director, Kagaki School, Nakuru County, Kenya

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