All the features you need to run an efficient school transport

  •  Web admin management backend 
  • Bus agent/minder/assistant app
  • Gate agent/security app
  • School attendance web backend 
Bunifu Go school transport system

Intuitive easy to use features 

We have included all the features needed by all the stakeholders to run an efficient school transport system

Web app backend

We provide a web backend for the transport and attendance which support creation of various user types depending on their roles. 


Gives a summary of the whole system depending on user roles. Get to view live trip summary, scheduled trips count, student population etc.

Route management

Create routes and create stations or stops and pin the GPS location for accuracy and alerts 

Trip summary

View pending trips, live trips, and completed trips. Drill down and check the trip information such as start time, end time, driver and assistant details, boarded students etc.

Student management

Capture and update student KYC details i.e. name, class, gender, parent/guardian details etc.

Trip schedule planning

Create trips, assign vehicle and assign students to schedules. It also makes it easy swap bus drivers and assistants. 

Asset management

Basic vehicle management is available. It captures vehicle details such as capacity, number plate, colour, assigned driver and bus agent.

Third party transport provider backend

For schools that work with third-party bus providers. Bunifu Go provides an admin backend for monitoring and reports 

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for end users such as bus assistants, gate security and parents. 

Driver/Bus agent/assistant app

Assists the bus agent/assists to carry out the daily task of capturing students boarding and drop-offs. 

Gate agent/security app

Assist gate security capture student entry and exit via the gate

Parent app

It gives the parent visibility on trip progress, the ability to change their availability and the view their child trip history

PWA app

Progressive Web App installable on admin tablets useful when the admin is mobile

Telematics (*Coming Soon)

We intend to support vehicle telematic features such as GPS tracking, speed, driver behaviour, fuel monitoring and so on. Stay tuned!

Asset tracking

Track speed, location etc. for a particular asset

Route optimization

An intelligent way to plan routes better to increase efficiency and save costs

Behaviour monitoring

We monitor driver driving behavour i.e. harsh breaking, acceleration, harsh cornering etc. 

Incident reporting

Ability to detect and report breakdowns, accidents etc.

Fuel monitoring

Ability to monitor fuel levels, fills and drains 

App Features

Bus assistant, gate and parent app

In-App Notifications

Near me, pick-Up and drop-Offs notifications within the app

Set child availability 

The parent can select absent date or days so that the bus does not come for pick-up

Launch calls

As a parent you can launch a call to the bus assistant from within the app reducing the hassle of having to save and remember their number

Track bus 

See the bus location in real-time

Proximity alerts 

As a parent, you get near me alerts for better readiness and time saving

Trip history

See records of the previous trip history and usage

Check-in / Check-out students

Whether through the bus or the gate. All student clock-ins are captured

Reports and analytics

Periodic usage reports and analytics

Attendance Reports

Student and staff attendance reports available in downloadable CSV format.

Trips reports

Completed trips, pending trip and missed trip reports are available for download in CSV formats.


Incident reports *Coming soon

Breakdowns, delays, accidents etc.

Billing Reports

Billing reports per student, vehicle and per provider is available in a downloadable CSV format.

Provider Reports

Provider student list and trips report is available for download in CSV formats.

Violation Reports *Coming soon

Driver behaviour reports i.e. hash braking, acceleration, cornering etc.

“Parents are happy with Bunifu Go since the platform provides confirmation on child safety and whereabouts on their way to school. It has also equipped them to better plan on when to pick their kids from the designated drop off points in the evening”

Mrs. Rachael Ruheni

Teacher, Kagaki School, Nakuru County, Kenya

“Overally, we are happy with Bunifu Go school transport and the attendance system as it has streamlined our school transport and attendance”

Mr. James Kimanthi

Director, Kagaki School, Nakuru County, Kenya

"Reduced complaints and phone calls"

"Bunifu Go has reduced the number of phone calls we receive from parents worried about the bus arrival and child pick-up and drop-off"

- Mr. Joseph Kibiwot, Director, St. Bhakita Elite School, Nairobi, Kenya.

"Reduced incidents and accurate billing!"

"Bunifu Go has helped us minimize cases of children not being picked, it has also allowed closer working relationship between the school, parents and transport providers. On the side of finance, student billing and reconciliation has been made easier"

- Mr. Philip Kemei, Transport Manager, Moi Educational Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

"Happy parents and improved efficiency!"

"Parents are happy with the system, especially the alerts they receive regarding the student's arrival at both school and back home. The system has also helped me become more efficient in my work through the realtime updates and reports"

- Mr. Patrick Agella, Transport Manager, Jonathan Glog Academy, Nairobi, Kenya.

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