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Has my child been picked from home?

Did my child arrive in school safely?

It is 4 pm, has my child left school?

It is a bit late and my child is not home yet. This is unusual; what could be wrong? Are they safe?

My child is supposed to go for a school trip today. Have they left school? Are they back and what time would they arrive?

Such are the questions that run through a parent’s mind once their kids leave for school each day.


What if the parent/guardian could be alerted in real-time whenever their child is picked and when they safely arrive at their destination – be it home or school?

What if a parent gets a notification whenever there is a delay on the road or when there is an emergency in the school – (God forbid)?

What if there was an interface the parent/guardian could interact with to know the whereabouts of their child instead of calling which would rather be hectic?

Clearly, the answer to all these questions lingering in the minds of the parents/guardians is effective communication. Every learning institution, therefore, needs to have a way of informing the parents and guardians about the whereabouts and safety of their children in a bid to give them peace of mind.

Technology has made this easy. With the high percentage of mobile phone and smartphone penetration in Kenya, Short Messaging Service (SMS), Over the Top (OTT) technology, GPS among other technologies, the vital information that parents need about their children while in school can be delivered by a click of a button.

Bunifu Go App, for example, is a robust student transport management and communication app solution. It empowers all the stakeholders within school transport management to seamlessly track, monitor, communicate and align all aspects of student transport management.

With Bunifu Go App, parents can rest easy as they are kept in the loop regarding the whereabouts of the child during a school trip. This is done through SMS, app notification or email.

By using Bunifu Go App the school administrator or transport manager is able to schedule school trips, manage school bus fleet or hired transport providers, monitor real-time student attendance through check-ins and check-outs and manage student and transport providers billing.

The integration of various technologies helps every school administrator to realize a modern way to run transportation with a huge consideration of the safety of students and provision of peace of mind to the parents and guardians through prompt communication.

Start your journey to ensure your child’s safety while in school.

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